Saturday, 17 September 2011

100 Days 100 Words: Teddy Bear

I'm sure, like me, you have a couple of forgotten WIPs hiding under the bed or shoved at the bottom of the cupboard. And if your anything like me, you don't like to admit, or even recall to your mind those Works-in-Progress'. Perhaps they were thrown into the cupboard during a fit of anger and frustration. They might have been popped into a bag and hidden under the bed simply because you ran out of yarn to carry on the project. You probably had the intentions of buying more yarn for the project, but as it always does, life simply got in the way and therefore the WIP was forgotten. 

One of my hidden away WIPs is Henry. Henry is a Honey Bear from the book Knit a Square & Make a Toy. They used the wrong picture on the Ravelry page, so here is what Henry is destined to look like: 

© Cath Muscat 
Isn't he cute? I started this project back in March of this year, when I first started out knitting. My best friend loves Tatty Teddy bears, but I could never find a pattern for one. So, I decided to settle for second best and make her the Honey Bear.

I wasn't on Ravelry then, so unfortunately I have no idea what yarn I am working with. All I can remember from the ball band is that it is DK weight and acrylic. The yarn I am using for feet, arms and part of his head and back, is a dark brown yarn with golden and light brown speckles. It must have some wool mixed in as it is quite soft. I am using a yellowy-orange colour for his tummy, which is okay to work with.

It took me a while to knit all the squares for the toy (there were 10 in all), as I had only been knitting for a couple of weeks. After a quick perusal of the squares I noticed that I seemed to have gotten my tension okay and there are hardly any mistakes. Which is good news!  

Once I had all the squares finished I asked my Mum to help me sew up Henry, as I am a complete and utter novice at sewing. We managed to get all the feet and arms stuffed and sewn and the back and middle sewn together. 

Alas, this is as far as we got. We soon got bored of stuffing and sewing and decided to pop Henry in a bag to try again another day. And, as you know, that day has not yet come. He sits on my bookshelf in my bedroom, bored, alone and in pieces. 

I'm hoping to visit my best friend at the end of the year (if everything goes to plan that is) so Henry must be finished by then. Hopefully one day soon he will be able to come out of the carrier bag and see the light of day.

So, that is the end of another 100 Days 100 Words post. If you would like to read previous posts, and find out how the fun sounded head over here

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  1. I think Henry deserves to be finished, he looks an interesting character, but I understand how you might have got stalled. The knitting is fun, but the putting together is a bit daunting. That's what puts me off making toys.


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