Wednesday, 3 August 2011

WIP Wednesday: A New Obsession

You may have noticed that I easily become obsessed with knitting certain items. Take Mug Hugs for example, the first time I was innocent enough. Second time round I was more eager. By the third I was craving more. Now I have found a new obsession.


I'd heard whispers from other knitters that washcloths were the fallback project on any rainy day, something to pass the time while waiting for your favourite programme to come on or just something to keep your hands busy while you talk with friends. I never realised how addictive knitting them could be.

I decided to make my washcloths for my niece, who is in constant need of them. I'm hoping to make a set of 4 or 5, tie them together with ribbon and pop them in her goodie bag! For the washcloth I'm using the pattern Waffle Knit Dishcloth by Debbie Andriulli. It is such a great knit, and I definitely recommend it!

My niece's favourite colour is pink, so I'm using Sugar N' Cream Stripes: Pinky, it's lovely, lovely stuff. It's pooling quite evenly at the moment, which is always good!  I do have one or two teeny-tiny mistakes in the cloth, but to find them you have to look quite hard, so I'm not worried about ripping it all back to correct just the two stitches.
My next WIP is the baby blanket that I started way back in May (although it feels like I started it just a few weeks ago!). The project got put into hibernation as I ran out of yarn, and every time I went to my LYS I forgot to buy more (clearly I was too interesting in buying things I didn't need, than buying what I actually went in for). I did manage to remember last Friday though, and got started knitting the blanket again. 

I'm now on square 6/16. Not really enjoying knitting it (possibly because I'd much rather be knitting washcloths) but once I start to see the blanket take shape, I'll enjoy it much more I'm sure.
So that is my update for this week, head on over to Tami's for more WIP Wednesday fun, and a chance to enter her giveaway! 

12 thoughts:

  1. That washcloth is SO pretty! You're making me want to do a few -- as someone who gets addicted to hobbies MUCH too easily, I'd probably better keep my distance. ;)

  2. I love that yarn for your washcloth! I need to start making a few I think!!!

  3. I really like knitting wash cloths as well. The blanket pattern is pretty!

  4. Washcloths are an obsession for lots of knitters. They are like potato chips, you can't have just one. Yours is beautiful!
    I love the baby blanket. It's so pretty.

  5. I can't NOT comment on your washcloth- every time i go to my blogger dashboard i see it looking at me. I love the way the stripes are turning out. And, though i'm not much of a washcloth knitter, I totally want to make some.

  6. Lovely washcloth! I have several that I made when I was a new knitter. They last a long time.

  7. Your waffle knit washcloth is lovely. Great colors and textures.

  8. So many dishcloth patterns and so little time! I've lost weeks in that particular obsession! Yours is very cute!

  9. Love washcloth. The color is so pretty. Thanks for the link. ust try this one. :) The blanket is also very pretty and coming along quite nicely.

  10. I love the way the colours have pooled in the washcloth. I have to admit I looked for the mistakes and couldn't see them! LOL

    Is there anyway of making the blanket whole instead of squares, maybe it will go quicker and therefore you might love it more.

    Or think of each square as a washcloth?

  11. Cute cloth!!! I love the pinks! What a nice idea for your niece too! The baby blanket is adorable!


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