Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursday Chat: Meet Josie

This week I have the pleasure of interviewing Josie, from the oh so lovely blog Handmade by Knottygal. Josie writes beautiful patterns, and incredibly helpful tutorials. I managed to grab a couple of minutes with her, and this is how we got on!

What made you want to learn to knit?
"I used to dabble in embroidery and tatting during my college days. But, never took up anything seriously. After my marriage, my Hubster and I worked different shifts and I used to stay up late waiting for him to get back from work. I needed a way for me to keep myself awake till he came home. At this same time, I chanced upon many knitting blogs and was inspired to learn knitting. The rest is history."
Technicolor Whirlpool
What is your favourite item to make?
"My favourite items to make are scarves and shawls. Although, I rarely wear the shawls I've made, I like the process involved in it. I am more a process knitter than a product knitter." 

Have you ever had a project that turned into a complete disaster? 

 "I remember my first ever scarf. The Irish Hiking scarf. I was not intimidated by the cables. In fact, I enjoyed them. But, what made this scarf a disaster was my color choices. Whatever made me think that a cabled scarf with abrupt color change will look good!! I am yet to frog this scarf to salvage the yarn."

It's always great to knit or crochet with other people, have you every participated in a Knit or Crochet-a-long?

"Yes. I recently participated in a BAG-ALONG for which I crocheted a bag that I am proud of. I've been taking this bag to work since I made it and I've been getting compliments on it often. Its the Summer Sling Tote by Priscilla Hewitt. Its a lovely pattern and recommend it to anyone who knows crochet." 

What has been your biggest success?
"My biggest success has been my designs. I will not consider them out-of-this-world designs..but, still they are precious to me. I've always been a follower when it comes to knitting. I can follow a pattern to the T. So, I never imagined myself to design something of my own. So, I consider my designs my biggest success in my crafty life."  
Which is your favourite pattern that you have designed, and how did you get the idea for it?

"I have 2 scarf patterns to my credit and one more scarf pattern design is in progress. Till date, my most favourite is my Lost in transit scarf which came about when I was playing with ideas on a graph paper with pencil. I like to design on paper and not on my PC."

Big thanks to Josie for taking part, and I'm sure you'll agree with me that those scarves are absolutely gorgeous!!

2 thoughts:

  1. Thank you Charlotte, for featuring me. :-) It has been a pleasure knowing you in the blog land! :-)

  2. I want to learn to design and I've been very intimidated by the process. I've deigned some thread crochet things but nothing else. I had forgotten about graph paper! Thanks for the inspiration!


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