Monday, 29 August 2011

Q is for... Queue

On Ravelry there is a wonderful feature called 'Queue'. This is where you can add patterns with the yarns you plan to use and any notes that you have, in a easy-to-get-to list.

My Queue is short and sweet, as I tend to add things to favourites, instead of bombarding myself with too many items I need to make. On occasion though, I like a pattern enough to say, I'll make that, and I pop it in my queue. Here is a list of those very patterns.

© nemesia
The very first item in my queue, is Branching Out by Susan Lawrence. I've been wanting to try lace for a while now and when I finally found this pattern, I knew I had to give it a go. After looking through the projects and yarn suggestions, I found that Shewalks is knitting her own Branching Out scarf in King Cole Galaxy DK in the Mars colourway. I thought it looked so gorgeous I went and bought the same yarn so I could give it a go. 

This project is the one I'm the most excited about. The moment the pink mess that I'm calling a baby blanket is finished, I'm running to my room and casting on.

by dancingsheep
The next project is another scarf! This time it's the Scrunchable Scarf by Susan McConne. I'm plannning on making myself this scarf with Candy Skein's Yummy Worsted, in Cotton Candy Swirl that I bought last month. Despite being second in my queue, it probably won't be made until end of October/November when I have finished knitting presents.

by GettingPurly
Next on the hit list is Emanelle by Nancy Ricci.I'm desperate for some fingerless gloves this year and so I'm making myself these, with Candy Skein Yummy DK in the Strawberry colourway. Which, with the Worsted I mentioned earlier, I bought last month. I'm hoping to get these done this month, so I'm ready for the cold weather. But like my scrunchable scarf, it probably won't be off the needles until presents are all finished.

by MyDailyFiber
At number 4 is Patty by Jenny Raymond. I'm taking part in a KAL later on this year, and this is the project that was decided on. I know I have enough Mug Hugs to make with Year of Projects (which I'm sorry I haven't updated, but once baby blanket is finished normal service shall be resumed) but I couldn't resist this one. It is made with Double Moss Stitch, a stitch I haven't yet come across so I'm looking forward to giving this a go!

© Hannah Bearup
I love how berets look on my sister, so when I found the pattern Simple (yet adorable!) Slouchy Beret by Hannah Bearup I knew I had to give it a go. Really not sure what yarn I'll use for this project, I'll probably let Katy choose!!

So there are the first 5 patterns in my Ravelry Queue, you can head over to my page to see all 21 of them.

For now though, have a look what fellow ABC Bloggers felt Q was for!

9 thoughts:

  1. Only 21 things in your queue? That's hardly anything! I've got over 200! I'll never get around to crocheting/knitting them all though.

  2. I agree with Tink. Only 21 items!!! My word. Mine is huge.

  3. You have been very busy. I really like your fingerless glove.

  4. Oooh i'm totally queuing those fingerless gloves!

    My queue is a mixed-up place. It has a million socks from when I became addicted to them. (I am no longer interested in knitting half of them) It has Christmas present I was intending on making before i realized I am in fact too lazy to knit for my friends friend. It has random favorite from when I forgot that queue and favorites are supposed to be different. I think there's actually more in my favorites that i want to knit than in my queue.

  5. I also have that scarf in my queue :o) Now I have added the beret too. Thanks c x

  6. Branching Out is on my to-do list too. Hope you get to it before I get to mine.

  7. Just caught up with your 'Q'. I try not to think about my projects queue all at once. Makes me panicky. Love that 'branching out' pattern and the fingerless gloves.

  8. Branching Out is a great pattern. I loved knitting mine.

  9. Such organisation is a thing of wonder! I daren't even start a queue in case I scare myself! You've picked some very nice projects there, too : )


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