Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thursday Chat: Meet Jasmine!

In the knitted seat this week is the lovely Jasmine from Jasmine's Crafts. Like myself, Jasmine suffers from M.E, as it is mentioned in the interview, I would suggest having a quick read of what it is before you continue reading! 

Back? Okay, on with the interview!

What got you into knitting?
"Boredom. And the fact my grandma didn't like me moaning about being bored. So she taught me to knit one afternoon. I'd like to say I searched out the best teachers in all the land after seeing something that inspired me to create with my two hands, but nope. Boredom!"
What was the hardest technique for you to learn?
"Colour changing, I still haven't mastered it but I did learn to do stripes,  eventually. I can do lace (advanced beginner, albeit!), cables, I can knit in the round but the idea of doing fair isle/intarsia scares the heebie jeebies out of me!"
 What is your favourite item to knit?
"Hairbands, I am bias though as I wear them all the time, but I do enjoy knitting them as well."
We all have a weakness when it comes to buying materials, whether it be yarn, buttons or stitch counters, what is yours?
"Yarn found in charity shops, has lately become my down fall. Especially if it's discontinued, then there is just no choice other than to buy it!"
Which is your favourite pattern that you have designed?
 "Probably the Moldova headband pattern and the idea for it came from the show Life Unexpected, the buttoned on piece is an abstract version of the d├ęcor on the main characters hat. Not particularly original!"
 If there was anyone you could knit for, who would it be and what would you knit?
"I really like an artist called Tanya Davis, she's not that well know but she has knitting in a few of her videos. If I knitted for her, it would be a privilege, and I would knit a little toy."
Knitting is very much in style now, why do you think that is?
"I think this is because a lot of high street shops sold a lot of machine made knitwear styled kit over the winter, which proved very popular. It became 'trendy'!"
How would you sum yourself up in 3 words?
"Crazy, fairy, different." 
 If you could live in any other time, when would it be and why? (E.g Ancient Egypt, Tudor Times) 
"I would probably have been born 10 years earlier, if I'd had a say in it! I can't explain this, no rhyme or reason to my thinking (like usual)!"
Who or what inspires you in your life?
"The first thing that came to me when reading this question was, the idea of recovering from M.E inspires me to keep going. But I would probably not have that hope and inspiration if not for the kindness of the people around me, ravellers, friends and family who go on when things are tough. Life goes on, that inspires me."
Favourite film?
"Hands down, Everybody's Fine. Different, moving and oh so lovely!"
A big, big thanks to Jasmine for the interview, you're an inspiration to us all!

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  1. Very interesting, good interview!

  2. Hey Charlie congrats on the mention :) in lets knit your fav mag :) xxxxxxxxxxxx so proud of you sis

  3. Thanks for posting this Charlotte :)


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