Thursday, 14 July 2011

Thursday Chat: Meet Faye

This week, it's the turn of Faye, a pattern designer from the blog, Cravings. Here's how we got on!

What made you want to learn to knit?
"I was taking classes at a local pre-professional dance company and apprenticing with the company, and need a way to cope with the pressure. It was a great way to relax backstage and during downtime in rehearsals, and really cleared my head. I’d always been kind of crafty, I just hadn’t really found knitting until then."

 What has been your biggest success?
"I think I was proudest when the UK mag Let’s Knit approached me about featuring my blog (specifically the Jaymie cowl pattern) in their February 2011 issue. I really liked how the pattern had turned out, and it was incredibly cool to see something I’d come up with talked about in print! It definitely inspired me to try to do more with my knitting."
What got you into blogging?
 "I was actually in China at the time, and was having amazing experiences. I felt really inspired and alive, and it was showing a lot in my knitting. I wanted a way to chronicle that a little bit, but also to put down my passion for creating into words. I think knitting is something we fall in love with, and it’s nice to share that with other people like us!"
What inspires you to create patterns?
"I think I draw a lot from current styles. I get inspired by something I saw on the street, or in stores. I’m one of those people who always has my camera phone ready to snap up-close pics of cool stitchery whenever I'm at the mall. If I see something I like, I’d much rather rework it and make it unique than buy it off the shelf. Sometimes yarn can be a huge inspiration as well. Certain skeins are just begging to be something in particular."

Which is your favourite patten that you have created, and how did you get the idea for it?
"My Fantastic Mr Fox Hat is definitely my favorite. It’s so whimsical and fun. I sell my knits at a local arts show, and that’s the piece everyone picks up and talks about. Plus, I love patterns that give you a great result with simple techniques. 
I think the idea was just wanting to express that childlike, bold bit of ourselves we still carry around with us no matter what age we are! Sometimes it’s just good to let yourself be silly and wear a hat with ears on it."
Who is your favourite designer, and why?
 "Naturally, I have to say Ysolda. Stephanie Dosen and Cecily Glowik MacDonald are up there, too. I really admire designers who can consistently create beautiful, unique patterns that are always recognizable as theirs."
 Myself and many others are aspiring knitting and crochet designers, and advice?
"Knit or crochet everyday, even when you’re in a funk. Whether you’re working on a pattern of your own or someone else’s, just keep going. It’s like any other kind of art--the more you do it, the more you can do it. And never, ever apologize for your stash."
Big thank you to Faye for the wonderful interview and advice! If you'd like to see more of her designs, visit her Ravelry page

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