Monday, 11 July 2011

J is for... Joy!

I find joy in a lot of things, but this week it comes in the form of good 'ol American/Canadian yarn that they call Sugar n' Cream.

I spotted this yarn on Ravelry when I first joined, and let me tell you, it was love at first sight. I searched and searched the web for a UK stockist, but couldn't find anyone. Then last week I got Let's Knit August Issue, and included was a Create & Craft brochure, and you never guess what they had on offer!

I went straight to the website, and spent the £20 I had just been given on 12 skeins of this Cotton Treat. I purchased Pinky Stripes, Lime Stripes and Modern Stripes, which are all Aran (Worsted) self-striping yarn.

I have only given them a cuddle thus far, but I already know that I love this brand. Its bright and colourful, soft to touch, and it even has a nice smell to it.

I bought the Modern colour way hoping to make myself a bag to match the shawl I'm making for next weekend, I was a bit dubious as first but after seeing it I know that it will work perfectly. I reckon the bag will only need 2, or at the most, 3 skeins, so I'll have an extra to play with.


I bought Pinky just because I loved the colour. I have no idea what I will make with it, all I know is that I love it. This is certainly the start of me buying yarn just because I love it, its just going to go downhill from here. Candy Skein here I come! If you have any suggestions what I could use it for, drop a comment!

Unfortunately the Lime hasn't arrived yet, and like the Pinky I bought it just because I fell in love with it. I think though it might work as a Blanket, although it would have to be a Baby Blanket or a small blanket as I only have 4 skeins. Again, any suggestions highly appreciated!!

So now I turn over to my wonderful ABC Writers, click on the links below to see what J represents to them!

6 thoughts:

  1. Oh, I like using Sugar and Cream. It's a good brand and the colors are fun.

  2. I haven't found the the Sugar n'Cream love...but my mom has in a bad way! She does a lot of washcloth knitting and uses it exclusively. She is also making 4 bags. I think they are called windmill bags...not sure. It's great you found a source for a hard to get yarn. Enjoy!

  3. Very pretty colors! I love Sugar and Cream. I've made a bag from it and I always make my dish cloths from it as well.

  4. This isn't a yarn I know - I wonder if it would make a nice tea cosy.

  5. What pretty colours : ) I'm with Julie on the tea cosy!

  6. I've heard lots of good things about this yarn too. Those colours you chose are really nice...I'm make with it.


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