Sunday, 17 July 2011

Definitely An Accidental Knitter

You know how my blog is called 'An Accidental Knitter'? Well I am about to live up to that name.

About two weeks ago, before I went to stay with friends, I made my Aunt and Cousin a Mug Hug each from the book, Mug Hugs (Cozy). I made On the Edge and Waffle Weave

The Waffle Weave Mug Hug was a lot of fun to make. To set the pattern, you simply slip stitches. So on the first two rows, you knit with yellow, knit one slip one etc, a little different for row two, then on row three you swap the colour blue (carrying the yarn to the back, as if you were doing fair isle) and do the same. 


Once you get the hang of it of course. It took quite a while to knit, an entire day in fact. But by the end, it looked fabulous, and I was really proud of myself.

Here is where the 'Accidental Knitter' part appears.

After making both the Waffle Weave and On the Edge Hugs, I packed them away in Mum's Suitcase, forgetting to take a photograph of them for my blog. Now there somewhere in the North of England, and I'm unable to get a picture of them.


As I didn't photograph it, I felt as if I was cheating if I counted it towards my year of projects. So, I quickly knitted up another On the Edge Mug Hug! 

It's a really easy knit, and was a great way to ease myself into a Year of Projects. Instead of a button hole, you simply cast off, and join the two ends together at the top and the bottom! It makes it a lot easier to keep the Hug on the Mug, even if it is a little awkward to get on in the first place.

The post doesn't end here my friends, oh no, I have another Mug Hug to show you!

After I finished my Cable Bag on Friday, I found myself with two lovely, squishy skeins of Sugar N Cream Stripes: Modern. A quick flick through my book, and it was finally decided that I should try my needles at the Tiny Tags hug.

Making the button hole was a new learning curve for me, to make it you cast off three stitches in the middle of your row, then the row after cast the stitches back on. It was certainly a different technique, but not one I like to be perfectly honest. After you make the hole, your left with a big line of yarn in the middle, which will make it rather difficult to squeeze the button through.

Despite all the negativity though, it does look rather funky! 

I love how the yarn has pooled, and I think the 'tags' are really neat idea! Here is a closer look:

I'm looking forward to seeing the green come into the mix, and even though I'm not an avid tea/coffee/hot liquid drinker, I might keep it for myself!

So that wraps up my Year of Projects post for this week, if you'd like to see some more posts you can search for them on Google by typing in YOP11-12, or heading over to the Come Blog-A-Long group on Ravelry!

Have a good one! :) 

10 thoughts:

  1. Love your Mug Hugs! I think I need to do a set of these for my Daddy, he needs new mugs and was thinking of getting him a set for Christmas in July next weekend and if I add Mug Hugs with them it will totally glam up the present!

  2. I need to make some mug hugs, sorry we didn't get to see your earlier ones, they sounds nice.

  3. Very cute and fun! Such a sweet little gift idea.

  4. Its so frustrating when you forget to take a pic. Hopefully the recipient can send you one xx

  5. I love your mug hugs, I've never seen them before or made one, I am intrigued.

  6. Not sure why you have a big line of yarn; how are you casting on the three new stitches?

    There's a good video here. It's a bit slow to load and the bit you want is about halfway through...

  7. OMG super cute blog! I am in love!
    Keep up the good work! Love the mug hugger. I need to make me some of those!

  8. I love your mug hugs! the tiny tags one turned out great! Any chance of taking pictures of it in "action" =D


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