Saturday, 16 July 2011

100 Days 100 Words: Clock

This weeks 100 Days 100 Words word is Clock. Yes you heard me, Clock.Those stupid things that wake you up in the morning, and make you appear to be running late. There are so many things I could talk to you about clocks, but I thought I would go completely left field and talk about my knitting time (which I did blog about back in April!).

Most of my knitting time is spent snuggled up on my bed with the radio on and Lilo right by my side. This is where I do most of my more complicated knitting, as it is out of the way, where no one can disturb my counting. I am known though to get to involved with a sing-along to the extent that I either chuck the needles in the air at the big finish, or completely ruin my knitting by ignoring the pattern. 

When I'm feeling social, or Rafael Nadal is playing, I'll head downstairs and watch something on the big screen. I tend to switch on Pointless, the One Show, and at the moment I'm really into the Great British Weather. Some days though, I go wild and watch a film, normally something light-hearted and concentration lacking (I did attempt to knit while watching Inception once, big mistake!). 

When I can, I like to knit in public. I'm not sure whether this is a built in desire to embarrass my sister or just the fact that I like knitting, but whenever possible I give it a bash. Or a stitch, should I say?

Knitting in the car is a big favourite of mine, as I have Knitters Travelling Syndrome I can't knit while on the move, but once parked up in Tesco's car park I'm more than happy to pull out the needles. Katy, my younger sister, slinks down her chair, red as a beetroot, as people stare through the glass trying to catch of a glimpse of Cornwall's very own Knitting Teen. 

I try not to knit while I'm at other people's houses, as my Mum says its rude. But this doesn't stop me from slipping in a simple WIP into my handbag, and if it accidentally appears into my hand while my friend's disappear from the room, then I can't help that. 

I don't normally knit while I eat, its hard enough trying not to get food down my shirt, never mind attempting to knit at the same time. But I do like to have a munch on some sweeties at the weekend, normally in the form of Jelly Beans or my all-time favourite, American Hard Gums. Chocolate covered candies are totally out of the question, especially when white yarn is involved. 

The big question then, is this: How much time do I actually spend knitting? Well I've done a little calculation, and I believe I spend between 3-5 hours knitting a day. I've had to cut down considerably as I used to spend so much time knitting, if I didn't knit at least once a day, my hands would start to ache! 

So there you have it. You've delved into the small, knitted world of An Accidental Knitter. You have learnt that I'm an Anti-Social, Jelly Bean loving, Cornish Knitting Addict. 

And yes, I am proud.

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