Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How Sweet!

Big, Big, Big, Big, thank you to MissHSoo from My Hook & Yarn Adventure for awarding me with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! 

I would like to thank MissHSoo for the nomination, my Mother for always being there, Blogger for hosting my blog, my Mum again for just taking the scones out of the oven....

So to officially accept the award, I need to tell you 7 random facts you didn't know about me, and pass this award onto 8 other sweet bloggers. Here goes!

Random Facts
  1. I love tennis. My favourite player? Rafael Nadal of course! 
  2. I have never travelled outside of the United Kingdom! 
  3. I think this advert is the sweetest! 
  4. My favourite breed of dog is English Springer Spaniel.
  5. Pig Shot is my favourite game on the iTouch! 
  6. Abby from Virtual Stitch is my best friend!
  7. I can't listen to this song without singing along! 
Sweet Bloggers!
  1. Abby from Virtual Stitch
  2. Jasmine from Jasmine's Crafts
  3. Tami from Tami's Amis and Other Creations
  4. Chrissy from Stitched Together 
  5. Natalie from Misadventures in Crafts
  6. Tink from Master of a Thousand Things
  7. Contessa from Writing, Yarn, Pucks & Diapers
Thanks again MissHSoo! See you all tomorrow for WIP Wednesday! :)

9 thoughts:

  1. You're so very welcome!!! I love Rafa too!!!!

  2. Well done on your award! I love your blog!

  3. well done and thank you! I shall try not to cry in my acceptance speech... lol

  4. Thanks so much! It's very fitting since it's a sweet award. LOL

  5. Second attempt to comment (first comment was eaten):
    Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciated you included me. :D

    I'll be sure to pass this along. . . Probably on my next Monday post. ♥

    PS: Rafa is awesome.

  6. Thank you sweetie! Glad to hear I'm not the only tennis nut!

  7. Aw, thank you, that's really sweet (pun intended!)

  8. Came across your blog via Jasmine - I really like it and got lots of inspiration from you! Holly's Hobbies xx

  9. Congrats on your sweet award...those strawberries look yummy, like many of your projects! Perfect
    Congrats too to those you passed the award along to.
    Now...keep singing


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