Saturday, 28 May 2011

Roll Up - Roll Up!

I have to say, I have been pretty lame this week when it comes to blogging. I do apologise. Not only was my ABC post up late, but I didn't even write a WIPW post. All I can say is, I am very ashamed. And it won't happen again.

A couple of posts ago, I spoke about my attempt to blog daily. Well, after considering all the time I am going to need to spend on planning posts, preparing (e.g photographs, research etc) and actually writing the posts, I'm not going to have much time for the thing that this blog is all about. Knitting. So, after taking all this into consideration, I have decided to just blog through the weekdays. Of course, I may (like today) blog at the weekend, to share an update or tell you an hilarious story, but normally, the weekends will be blog free.

As you already know, on a Monday I blog my way through the alphabet, on Wednesday I write about my current Works-in-Progress and on Fridays, I show off my latest finished objects. So that leaves Tuesdays and Thursdays free. Well, not anymore.

Announcing 'Tunes on Tuesday with An Accidental Knitter'. Every Tuesday I let my trusty iTouch Bertie, choose a song through Shuffle mode. When the song appears, I have to think about how the title or lyrics of the song apply to the world of knitting and crochet. For example, the first post is entitled 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love', and the post is based on the song 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' by Michael Bubl√©. This song made me think about my love of knitting, so that is what I am writing about. 

If you would also like to take part in Tunes on Tuesday, please leave a comment below, and if there is enough good response, I will make it into a meme like WIPW or FO Friday.

If you  haven't already heard through Ravelry, Thursday Chat is where every Thursday I interview a Knitting or Crochet blogger/pattern designer/shop owner. It has received some brilliant response so far, I'm not currently looking for any more people to interview (I have enough until October - yikes!) but if you fit the criteria and would like to be interviewed in the future, please leave a comment on this thread on Ravelry. Thank you!

Both of these items are starting this coming week, so don't forget to come and pay a visit!

1 thoughts:

  1. lol! love that tunes on tuesday concept! brilliant.
    i might would be interested but i'm also not a dedicated enough of a blogger to commit.
    but i'll enjoy reading about it on yours


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it! Hope you have a lovely, yarn filled day :D

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