Friday, 20 May 2011

FO Friday: Running Late

I'm sorry I'm late to the party everyone - but I brought chips and dip!

This week I've stuck to small projects, as I've been busy writing, thrashing my mates at Mario Kart (20-1, who said girls were lame at driving?!) and being sick. Not that I'm giving you excuses or anything...
So this week I have four items to show you. Small, yes, but finished objects nonetheless.

The first is a pair of mittens for my friend Jo, who just had her first child, a beautiful baby girl called Emelia. I thought I would knit little Em her first Hat, Booties & Mittens. The two latter are done, and the hat is ready to be sewn up. So I will be able to give them to Jo on Sunday as planned, HURRAH!

Second, Third AND Fourth are mug hugs. Groan if you will, but I am practising knitting them, as hopefully in the summer I'll be able to start selling them! (Well, I need some income for my yarn addiction, don't I?)

The first one I'd like to show you is the cable mug hug I started last week. I finally finished on Wednesday, while watching Megamind for the upteenth time. I love it. It's so soft and squishy. And because the cables are so thick, it means the tea stays extra hot. Perfect.
My second mug hug is actually another trial run for the pattern I made, just to check it wasn't a fluke. Fortunately it worked out fine. If you would like to try the Simple Mug Hug out for yourself, you can download the pattern for free on Ravely. 

Lastly, is my favourite mug hug of all. It's called Spring Burst. It was initally made for my Mum, but as I write this I'm thinking of giving it to my older sister Sara. Hopefully Mum isn't too emotinally attached yet. This was again using my pattern, all I did was change the colour every 9 rows. 

The colours are so bright and happy, perfect to cheer you up in the morning!

Thought a contrasting button would work well - and it does!

So that's my post for today, hope you weren't too bored. Check back on Monday, where 'C is for... Cables'. Don't miss out!

8 thoughts:

  1. Those mug cozies sure are cute little things! I'm particularly fond of the watermelon button. . . :)

  2. My fav is the last one! they are so cute and comfy looking!

  3. The cabley mug hug is wonderful! And the colour is amazing!

  4. The cabley mug hug is wonderful! And the colour is amazing!

  5. All your projects look great, and it was so thoughtful of you to bring the chips and dip! ; )

  6. YAY for chips and dip. I love your FOs they look amazing

  7. I love the baby mittens, they are so cute and the color is nice. Judy

  8. The mitts are adorable - congrats to your friend! Love the mug hug!!


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