Wednesday, 20 April 2011

WIP Wednesday: I Have Learnt a New Skill!

Do you all remember that lovely meadow green hat I blogged about last Friday?

Well on Monday night, after finishing another mug hug (I'm sure that you're getting bored with mug hugs by now, because I certainly am!) I decided to take out the hat, and finally finish that 18cm of GS.

Everything was going good. Great actually! I was knitting quickly and was enjoying myself.

Then it happened.

I messed up. I don't know how, but I messed up. A couple of stitches started to look retarded. I decided to ignore it and carry on. 

That was a mistake.

By the end of the row, my wool was tangled, my stitches looked retarted, and worst of all my favourite character from the TV show I was watching, left. 

So I had a meltdown. A big one. Before I knew it, I'd frogged most of the work I had done, my Mum then saved the day by snatching the 'hat' away from me. It is now hiden away in my craft bag, waiting to be picked up and knitted on the 2 1/2 hour car journey next weekend.

Onto happier news though, its WIP Wednesday!

Today, despite being stuffed up with a cold and hayfever, I decided to try my hand at Fair Isle. (If I'm going to do mug hugs, why not learn a new skill while I make them?) The pattern is (creatively) called 'Fair Isle Hearts' and is from the book Knitted Mug Hugs (Twenty to Make)

I don't know why I didn't do Fair Isle weeks ago! It is so much fun, and definitely not as hard as it looks! The only thing I didn't enjoy, was constantly untangling the two yarn balls. After a couple of hours of knitting, this is what it looks like so far:

I am extremely proud. Especially since I didn't need any help. The mug hug is almost finished, I just need to pick up and knit the ends, to make the buttonhole so it can actually hug the mug. Afterwards, I'm going to try and do the Gold Fish mug hug pattern, which should look quite cool once it's done!

So thats the blog for today, I do hope you enjoyed your visit :) Before I leave though, I would like to pose a couple of questions for you...

  • I'm really eager on learning how to knit in the round, as my Mum doesn't know how I have to learn from a book. Are there any particular books you would suggest?
  • My best friend is about to start her very own cross stitch and knitting blog, but she (and I!) are stuck for blog name ideas... have you got any?
Thank you and have a great evening!

9 thoughts:

  1. I'm no good at correcting mistakes either with knitting so completely relate. Glad your Mom is able to help you.

    What are mug hugs? You've got me curious?


  2. @Sandy
    Mug Hugs are basically cozies for you mugs of tea or coffee. They are great because they add a bit of colour to the mug and they keep your tea/coffee warm for almost 45 minutes! :D

  3. It takes time to learn how to read your knitting so that you can fix your mistakes.
    As for knitting in the round, anything by Elizabeth Zimmermann is just what you need. Knitting Without Tears is a great book and easy to get. Check with your local library.

  4. I hate when that happens. I'm a new knitter so it happens to be quite often. I'll just be knitting along and not notice a mistake and bam I have to frog it. Your fair isle looks amazing

  5. I agree that Knitting Without Tears is a great book, but I learn most new techniques by searching on You Tube and watching videos of the technique being done.

    Maybe worth a try?


  6. I have that mug hug book! Its got some lovely ones in and this is one of my faves!!

  7. Lovely fair isle! And I agree with Karen about learning to fix mistakes - I've been knitting (constantly!!) for 3.5 months and am just starting to be able to spot the mistakes early on and fix then *touching wood*

    Knitting in the round is much simpler than I thought - and I also learned from YouTube videos - I love the KnittingHelp feed (and have also blogged about their iphone app which I find completely invaluable too). I'm sure you'll be a whiz in no time!


  8. YAY for you on the Fair Isle. It looks amazing. I've been wanting to try it myself, but haven't yet.

    Don't feel bad about the hat. We all go through crazy melt downs like that. No worries.

    I'd say go with youtube as well. That's how I learned everything I know about crochet and knitting. Try the Knit Picks videos. They have great ones that show both magic loop and DPNs.

  9. Great job on the fairisle! I wouldn't worry about the hat, it will be there when you are good and ready to finish it.


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