Friday, 8 April 2011

FO Friday: That'll Be One Warm Baby!

So this Friday I actually have something to show you, amazing huh? In fact, I have 4 items to show you. Yes. FOUR. 

If you read my posts earlier in the week, you'll know that I've been working on a pair of Baby Booties and a pair of Baby Mittens. I am very pleased to tell you that I have finished both of them!! Wanna see? Of course you do!

Baby Booties, in a gorgeous Turquoise Double Knit
Baby Mittens, also in Turquoise Double Knit
I am extremely pleased on how they have turned out. I think they look gorgeous. (And hopefully you can't tell that it was my first time doing Rib!)

My next finished 'object' is actually the biggest project of the week (and actually the biggest project I have ever done!), a Baby Hat. (Can you see a theme going through my knitting this week?!)

For the hat, you must cast on 80 stitches (that took... forever!) and 1x1 Rib 8 rows. That was a real challenge both to my knitting ability and my patience. I ended up frogging it a total of 4 times before I got it right. Now though I can easily say I am a confident ribber, ribberer  person who ribs. After the rib, I had to garter stitch until the piece measured 13cm, (which was about 29 rows) and then I had a lot of decreasing to do. As I couldn't sleep I finished off the hat at 2:30am!

I thought the hat on its own was a bit boring, so I dug out some Yellow Double Knit Baby Yarn, and quickly knitting up a flower and sewed it on. Would you like a closer look?

I am extremely pleased on how it turned out, my folks are really pleased to! So pleased in fact, I've been commissioned to make them each a hat for the winter. 

To make all these turqouise baby gifts, I used a 100g ball of DK yarn. And after finished all three projects, I found myself with this much left!

After much delibiration, I decided to make my Mum a Mug Cozie. She has been begging for one ever since my Knitted Mug Hugs book arrived.  Here is the mug hug so far:

The pattern is very easy to follow, but I do have one problem. To make the buttonhole, the pattern says as follows: "K2tog, K3, yrn twice, K2tog, K2, k2tog." I'm not sure what 'yarn twice' means, could anyone please explain it to me? Thank you :)

The last finished object is a pair of purple baby booties.

All 3 pairs of booties I have knitted - so far!

So there you have it. My Finished Objects of the week. I do hope you've enjoyed looking at them, I know I have enjoyed making them! Before I leave I just wanted to share you with a cute picture of Lilo I managed to snap this afternoon! 

Have a great weekend everybody!

7 thoughts:

  1. Awesome job! The ribbing looks great!

  2. yarn over twice - wrap the yarn around the hook 2 times, to create the buttonhole. This is somewhat normal :) I actually normally only do 1 yarnover, but I knit extremely loosely.

  3. @Anastacia Knits:

    Thank you! That's a big help, I can carry on with the mug hug now! :)

  4. I love that colour blue!! It reminds me of the sumer!! Very cute little booties!!

  5. I love baby knits. They can be colourful and little and sooo cute! Your are no exception. Nice work!
    I love the expression "Mug Hug" - can't wait to see it.


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