Saturday, 2 April 2011

Knitting & Crochet Blogging Week 2011: Day Six - Something to Aspire To

Today, those who are taking part in Knitting and Crochet Blogging Week, must write about what we we aspire to learn or to do in either craft.

Well, as I am new to knitting, there is so much I would love to learn. The stitch that I am most looking forward to doing, is cable. I just think it looks so beautiful, and when I learn I will able to make myself a knitting bag from Knitty Gritty: Knitting for the Absolute Beginner.
Learning to cable opens many more doors than just bags. I can make beautiful fingerless gloves, such as Fetching by Cheryl Niameth, or a beautiful 16 cable hat by Circé Belles Boucles.
I'm also learning how to Rib, which is also a great stitch, as it makes hats stretchier (which is very handy, especially for growing children!) and is great for cardigan and jumper (sweater) sleeves.

One item I aspire to making, is a shawl. My Nan has crocheted many, and after hearing her ramblings I am pretty scared of taking on such a big challenge. But I admire those who have tried and succeeded.

Is there any particular knitted/crocheted item that you are too scared to try?

6 thoughts:

  1. Socks, I am a new knitter and socks scare me so much for some reason. I mean I know there are some really simple patterns out there but still. Ohh and super cute background It makes me think of summer

  2. Cables are great fun! I want to learn how to cable without a needle. Colourwork scares me!

  3. You've picked out some gorgeous patterns. I think lacework scares me the most, followed very closely by anything that involves changing colours!

  4. Cables are great, and very easy once you get the hang of swapping the needle back and forth. I prefer a written instruction rather than a chart but go with what you find easier. Ribbing can also be very decorative. The skies the limit, just enjoy your new skill

  5. You have terrific goals for the year. I only cabled once and they came out too tight. I'll need to try that again one day. I think sewing parts of a cardi together and intarsia scare me the most.

  6. Cables are fun and I just made my first lacy shawl. Just learn one new thing at a time and you'll soon have it all down.

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