Saturday, 26 March 2011

Yarn Bombing, Chocolate & My Man-Size Booties

I managed to hunt down some baby wool for my first project using a pattern - Baby Booties. The pattern is from the book Knitty Gritty: Knitting for the Absolute Beginner. After reading through the pattern five times, I thought it was time to get started. So I removed my new 5mm Bamboo needles from the packaging, took out my wool and got started.

After casting on and knitting two or three rows, I paused to look at my progress and realised how big my work was actually getting. In the pattern it said to cast on 38 stitches, clearly these are meant for babies and not small adults? But, after consulting with my book I carried on relentless of their size. An hour and a half later I was on step 7 and my man-size booties were coming along well. With a mixture of cockiness, chocolate munching and M.E brain fog though, I neglected to look at step 8 and found myself knitting the entire row without decreasing - DOH! After realising what I had done I undid the row of knitting and tried to put the stitches back on my needles. What a stupid thing to do without a crochet hook (Which I forgot to buy while at the craft shop that morning, despite having a list AND the book with me). I ended up dropping all my stitches and having to undo another row of knitting. This process continued until I found myself with nothing but two bare bamboo needles and a pile of pink yarn.

An hour later I decided I liked knitting again and started Man-Size Booties II. This is where I am at thus far:

Pathetic I know. After I've completed my blog for today though I'll knuckle down and get some work done.

While trawling through several knitting blogs today, I found this.

All I can say is, "Where can I find the pattern for my car?"

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